AWOL-72 on DVD

AWOL-72 (2015) with Luke Goss Movie DVD

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Review: RottenTomatoes
Director: Christian Sesma
Writers: Cecil Chambers and Christian Sesma
Starring: Luke Goss, Heather Roop, RZA
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Conrad Miller played by Luke Goss, is an Awol navy officer who has been accused of promoting secrets by talking to Jackie Guerrido and techniques to ex-kgb throughout the chilly struggle. When Miller realises he has been tracked by his counterpart hitman Myron acted by Bokeem Woodbine, when his love and his compromise are threatened.

With raving reviews on Trakt He does the one factor humanly attainable. He runs for it. The Soviets enlist the providers of Detective Adams (Rza) to assist them within the hunt to trace down Miller by any means crucial.
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An AWOL marine in possession of secret authorities info is a needed man, pursued by Russian particular ops, the LAPD, and a harmful murderer.

Leaving Miller only 72 hours to make his rendezvous level and get overseas along with his one and only love and the one secrets and techniques on Movies on DVD that can hold him aliv for just a little longer.

This detective actioner begins out intriguing, as it is not solely clear why Luke Goss has determined to go AWOL, or why he is such a excessive precedence that he has detective RZA, murderer Bokeem Woodbine and the Russians all on his tail on the identical time.
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It is that which stored me watching this, although it inevitably seems to be disappointing. Clearly the rationale it is mysterious is as a result of there is not a lot story right here, so the movie drastically pads itself with a second act the place Goss.

By an incredible coincidence, finally ends up getting twisted up with a human trafficking operation that has nothing to do with the plot, however might be right here as a result of they wished to do a mini-Taken whereas
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