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This sale is for Wild West Showdown Starring Kathleen Kinmont Complete on DVD from (1994) starring Kathleen Kinmont and Randall Oliver on DVD.

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Plot for Wild West Showdown Starring Kathleen Kinmont Complete on DVD:

An Announcer (JOE FOWLER) introduces each episodes. The Hosts were Mr. West (ALEX CORD), an old citizen of Broken Neck village whose “local people” were offering “up to five thousand union dollars” to whomever delivered them from the Outlaws, and Miss K.C. Clark (LISA COLES, aka Lisa Guerrero), the editor of the ‘Broken Neck Gazette’, who talked with the contestants and awarded the prize money to the winners, and each week rather neatly summed up each event with a simulated newspaper headline. The episodes were a Western-themed tournament in and around Broken Neck. Three visitors, two Cowboys and a Cowgirl, face a team of local Rough Riders or Outlaws, also two men and one woman, in a series of physical challenges: The Grand Stampede (cattle roping from horseback; stopping a runaway stagecoach by leaping from their horse onto it), Rider in the Sky (climbing the water tower and defusing a dynamite bomb before it blows), Shootout (a paintball gunfight), and Bull Run (obstacle course, like crossing a pond full of logs). Some episodes included a bar room tug-of-war over a purse with money, or a brawl, where the cowboy or the cowgirl have to try and force the outlaw out through the double saloon doors. The final game is a race across the rooftops, picking up a cash bag and hopefully getting on a horse and riding off into the sunset within a time limit – and all whilst not getting shot. The early games pay $100 to the winner of each individual event (top $300 for the three events), and the successful completion of the final wins $5,000. There were also stuntmen doing Western stunts between events.

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