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Zhong Ji Yi Ban is a class in Ba Le High School designed especially for the delinquents and rejects that other high schools would not accept. Even so, everyone in the class is loyal to the leader, Wang Da Dong (Jiro Wang), who is KO.3, and would die for friends. Another KO. 3, Wang Ya Se, also called Ya Se Wang (Calvin Chen), and KO.4, Ding Xiao Yu (Aaron Yan) soon join the class and out of some fortuitous events, their lives become tied together and they become best buddies. Another student, Lei Ke Si (Danson Tang), who had been gone for a whole semester, rejoins the class. Although Lei Ke Si seems like a weak kid with only good intentions, Ya Se suspects Lei Ke Si is KO.2 because legends say that KO.1 and KO.2 are capable of concealing their true identities.

At the same time, incidents start to occur and the culprit always leads to Ya Se. But Ya Se is being framed by Lei Ke Si, who is actually the real culprit. Lei Ke Si makes Ya Se look bad so that Da Dong won’t believe him when he says that Lei Ke Si is KO.2 . Soon, An Qi, who is Da Dong and Lei Ke Si’s childhood crush, appears. This forces Lei Ke Si to reveal his true identity and fight with Da Dong (for An Qi). After Lei Ke Se leaves the class, Xiao Yu starts to crush on An Qi. Both Da Dong and Xiao Yu fight over An Qi, but Da Dong doesn’t realize his crush on the teacher of KO One, Tian Xin (Melody) until An Qi tells him. Soon, An Qi returns to America and strange things started to happen. Two more new girl-students join the class, and one of them (Cai Wu Xiong) has a crush on Ya Se. Although he is cold and refuses to accept her due to her behavior as a gorilla, he eventually changes and falls in love with her. At the end, Lei Ke Si returns to tell the gang how to defeat their enemy Hei Long. In the final battle, Da Dong, Ya Se, Xiao Yu and Lei Ke Si combine their powers and finally defeat the evil roaming around them, but the fight triggers a big explosion that causes both forces to lose their powers.

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